Which Industries Will Be Most Affected By Cryptocurrency?

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

It’s hard to project how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will affect our world and our finances, but it is safe to say that its progression will change many industries. Since Bitcoin was initiated in 2009, certain values have risen and others have plummeted, making it difficult for investors to gauge whether or not the virtual currency will be effective in the future. Fortunately, an undeniable advantage of cryptocurrency is its ability to help some of the most indebted people across the globe reduce their personal debt, especially in the case of homeowners.

In the near future, there will be the opportunity for many individuals to build a career in cryptocurrency in various industries. The virtual currency is likely to be implemented in a range of businesses and corporations, and it is already being accepted and used by major merchants like Overstock, Microsoft, Tesla, and Wikipedia. If you are thinking about a career in cryptocurrency, here are 3 industries that will be affected by its implementation:


Blockchain will change the future of cybersecurity in numerous ways, and there will be a growing need for cryptocurrency specialists who are capable of managing the changes. Virtual currencies will increase the number of financial transactions that require monitoring, meaning that there will be a growing need for cybersecurity professionals in any company using blockchain. It will also shift the focus on safeguarding consumer devices, since many virtual currency wallets are stored directly on machines.


Perhaps the most obvious industry that will be affected by cryptocurrency is the banking and financial sector. According to some expert analyses, blockchain is gearing to cut the costs of financial intermediaries by nearly $20 billion per year. Major banks like Wells Fargo and J.P Morgan have already invested heavily in blockchain, with many others following suit. By combining technology and business expertise, banks and their customers will be protected like never before from fraud and save a large amount of money on trades and transactions.

Election Management

As we are all aware of the potential for manipulation and deceit during polling in local and national elections, it is critical that cryptocurrency can solve the issue of transparency in voting. While this may take longer to develop, as it will need to ensure that electronic voting is as secure as possible and can be tracked by the individual voter without being compromised, it is a step in the right direction. Blockchain algorithms may be the needed solution, providing a much safer option for election management compared to a paper ballot.

Knowing the ways that certain industries will be improved and changed by the advent of cryptocurrency, it makes perfect sense for individuals to consider how to enter a career in blockchain development or management.