Blockchain and Gaming – Why Software Development Isn’t Going Out of Fashion Anytime Soon

As with all technological advancements, there are some that get left behind. In the world of Blockchain, the need for traditional financial infrastructure is slowly disappearing. This disruptive technology, a phrase coined by Clay Christensen in The Innovator’s Dilemma, is slowly paving the way for the future. The financial world is not the only one to feel its effect as the ask for software developers are on the rise. Could this be that extra boost the gaming industry needs to have intrinsic value of its own?

Dust Off Those Degrees and Go For A Refresher Course

The playing field for game developers can become a whole lot bigger once blockchain gaming starts taking off. Although blockchain has been around for a few years, actual gaming was only released towards the end of 2016. It still remains to be seen how this will be received by the market, however, does create some breathing space for those who found themselves in the cutthroat development field. For first-time entrants, this is an exciting time to join as they are able to ride the new wave of gaming as it rolls out.

The Effect Gaming Has On Currency   

Apart from the growing demand for blockchain developers and engineers, there are also secondary and tertiary needs for these industries. As a disruptive technology, blockchain has the potential to destroy many jobs especially in the financial services industry but also has the power to create new ones. Since its inception, developers have tested the waters of potential uses for blockchain technology. This included online gambling and various other applications such as online storage, record-keeping, and document sharing. This effect is also hard-felt in the gaming industry.

The use that the world most commonly associates with blockchain is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not considered digital gold for nothing. The total value of bitcoin currency is close to $9 billion, and that is with all the speculation. The beauty of Blockchain technology is that it can create other types of value as well. This allows it to expand in fields other than the typical financial ones. This type of technology is making waves in the world of gaming. Games such as World of Warcraft and EVE had to rely on gaming value that had no actual value to remain within the ambits of the law. The new wave of cryptocurrency alleviates these demands and may provide users with actual value as they use their cryptocurrency to purchase other goods and services. The effect on actual currency remains to be seen.

The combination of virtual currency and gaming is one that creates an online world that has intrinsic value. This may have a far-reaching consequence on physical values as well, as gamers now have the potential to claim their stake in the real world. For many, blockchain technology will prove its worth in 2017.